Emotional Intelligence At Work For You

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Emotional Intelligence had its early start with Reuven Bar-On in the early ’80s under the name: Emotional Quotient (EQ) – when it was compared to the Intelligence Quotient (IQ).  Dr. Bar-On wanted to answer the question, “Why does a high IQ not directly correlate to success in business and life?” Salovey and Mayer coined the term Emotional Intelligence and Daniel Goleman in his New York Times bestseller, Emotional...

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The Science of Coaching

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The use of coaches to help executives, professionals and leaders to help achieve their business goals has grown exponentially over the past 20 years.  Is this a crazy new fad?  Or, is there something more to coaching?  Coaching, clearly, is not a fad.  It is being used by many Fortune 500 companies and by professional firms and entrepreneurs.  Now, the study of neuroscience supports the efficacy of coaching. In the article “The...

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Steve Szalontai – NexGen Technologies

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“I recommend Alexa Loo to anyone who feels like they are needing help with their vision, goals and self. I was falling off track with what was important to me with work and family. I have learned a lot about myself in this process and Alexa has helped me find clarity.”

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