Two-time Olympian, Alexa Loo, will share with you the skills that all Olympians use to achieve top results in competition.  She will work with you to learn and develop those skills.  You will have those skills in your toolbox to help you achieve your best results.

The ability to perform on demand, under strenuous circumstances will serve you in sport and in life.  Classroom tests, boardroom presentations and high-powered athletic competitions are all places where mental training will help you perform at your best and achieve success.

Alexa-Loo-aboutAlexa Loo is a two-time Olympian in the sport of snowboarding.  Alexa competed in Turin, 2006 and Vancouver, 2010 in the Parallel Giant Slalom Snowboard competition.  A 7 time National Champion, a North American Champion and a 3 time World Cup Medalist, Alexa knows what it takes to perform at the highest levels.  Using mental training tools and techniques, Alexa reached the highest level in the sport of snowboarding.

Mental training creates the platform for top performances in any arena – not just sport.  The ability to perform on demand helped Alexa to achieve academic success too.  Alexa is a Chartered Professional Accountant.  When she worked at KPMG, she passed the Chartered Accountant Uniform Final Examination her first time writing and achieved the top mark in her office!

While training for the 2006 Olympics, Alexa wrote and passed all of the Chartered Financial Analyst exams.  Like Alexa, you can practice imagery, focus, relaxation, visualization, activation, resilience and reframing in sport and apply the skills in your academic and business life.

The skills you develop in sport will serve you for the rest of your life.