What is Mental Training?

focusMental coaching is a broad term used to describe consultants who use a psycho-educational model to develop the mental and psychological aspects of performance achievement.  On the golf course, in the operating theatre, on stage, in the classroom, or in the line of duty, achieving a peak performance is complex.  Each human performance act requires an individual to efficiently integrate an unique combination of physical fitness, technical expertise, tactical strategy, and psychological skills. Mental coaches are experts in the field of sport and performance psychology and understand how decision making, beliefs, images, and feelings affect and are affected by performance acts. Mental coaches utilize this expertise to assist performers to develop their ability to be focused, determined, committed, and confident in all performance circumstances.  The development of psychological skills requires a systematic training program designed to utilize the performers’ strengths, address self-imposed weaknesses while remaining focused on achieving targeted goals even in the face of unexpected challenges.

A Mental Coach is not a psychologist or psychiatrist.he skills are based on sport/performance psychology. We will work together to develop the skills that will enable you to perform at your best on competition day.  The skills are based on sport/performance psychology.  Performing is a skill.  You can learn this skill.  You can learn to win.

I do NOT diagnose mental illness or engage in therapy.  Mental training is just that – training your mind.  Training your mind to make you better able to perform on demand.  


The Bottom Line

The winner is not the best athlete, technician or best tactician.  The winner is the one that performs all of those things better than everyone else on competition day.

Mental training will help you to bring your best self and your best performance out on competition day.