Zone Golf Academy

Zone-logo1Canada’s Leading Elite Junior Golf Academy Specializing in USA University Placement.  Zone Golf Academy is based in Vancouver Canada, and has placed students in Universities across the United States.  We have a staff of professionals including Pro Golfers, Olympic Champions, and Elite Personal Trainers. As a student of Zone Golf you will train with the best in physical, mental, and pure athletic ability!



Can-Am Athletic Scholarships

can-am.athletic.scholarshipsSupports the application process for athletic scholarships to US universities.  In today\’s fast paced, highly competitive post-secondary world, students must be better trained, better prepared and apply early for the coveted scholarships to American universities.  Can-Am Athletic Scholarships supports students athletes to navigate the American system and get signed to top universities.




Can-Am Test Prep Academy

newlogonewnamewhitefont-21At Can-Am Test Prep Academy, we take the SAT and ACT seriously! Our classes are unique in that our instructors make use of Power Point presentations, which are constantly enhanced. This electronic teaching method allows the instructor to cover more ground in all the components of the SAT and ACT during each tutorial session, particularly in math, where this innovation allows us to move at a fast pace, having diagrammed every question and problem set electronically. Our visual approach to instruction is both entertaining and highly effective with today’s tech-oriented students. It is not unusual for students who have completed our classes to increase their scores by 200-300 points or to break the 2100 SAT bench mark. In the ACT, our strategy has allowed students to crack the 32 composite mark.

Select College Admissions

SCAD_logo_transparentSelect College Admissions is a comprehensive educational consulting practice dedicated to assisting students (ages 13-23) to explore and pursue educational opportunities in the US and in Canada. Our personalized approach inspires and empowers students to achieve their full potential and gain admission to a university or graduate program that they are well-suited for. Our students have been admitted to Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, Johns Hopkins, McGill, Queen’s, UBC, Western, as well as art institutes and technical schools. We provide consultation and classes for ACT and SAT Prep, and guidance on suitable SAT Subject tests.  We work with a range of students, including student athletes and students who excel in the performing or studio arts. Writing workshops, application workshops, career and interest assessments, as well as tutorials on organizational skills and leadership are among other services we provide. Our educational consultants are happy to help you with all of your U.S. university admissions, Canadian university admissions, and athletic recruitment needs.