Athletes who want to perform their best on competition day.

Business people who want to deliver great presentations.

Students who want to get their knowledge out of their heads and onto the exam paper.

Parents who want to be relaxed and supportive when their child is competing.

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Everyone can benefit from the skills of mental training.  My clients range in age from high school to masters level athletes in sports as diverse as snowboarding, tennis and golf.

All sports require focus, relaxation, goal-setting, attention, activation, imagery, visualization, confidence, mental toughness, and emotion control.  Every athlete wants to compete at their best on competition day.  Every athlete will benefit from learning and practicing the mental skills that support top performances.

The psychological skills that enable top sport performances also enable top performances under pressure in other walks of life.  From the sport field to the classroom to the boardroom to media interviews, mental training will help you get into the right frame of mind and perform at your best.  With a good mental training program, you will be equipped with a plan to develop the skills that you need to be able to perform when you have to perform.